Bigger and better survey on gender in science publishing

The APEER survey project is now over so it is a good time to reflect. How can we hardwire gender equality into science publishing – the policies, the systems and, of course, our own attitudes?

In June 2012, the European Association of Science Editors (EASE) established a Gender Policy Committee and I was honoured to be one of the founding members. Some of the committee also met up at the 2nd European Gender Summit in Brussels in November 2012, where the APEER survey e-poster was presented.

Mirjam Curno and Rachel Carol (both on EASE Gender Policy Committee) with James Lush (Biochemical Society)
Mirjam Curno and Rachel Carol (both on the EASE Gender Policy Committee) with James Lush (Biochemical Society) at European Parliament in Brussels

The Gender Policy Committee is working to advance and gender-sensitive reporting and communication in science. The goal is not only better science, whether in the life, natural or social sciences, but also enhanced evidence-based practices, interventions and opportunities, for both women and men.

As a first step the EASE committee decided to survey gender policies among scientific journals. This important survey is still open until 30 April 2013. It is an opportunity for editors to share existing policies and express your opinion on gender issues within your field.

The issue has been made more topical than ever by the recent special International Women’s Day issue of the journal ‘Nature’ (Volume 495, Number 7439) in which we featured.

Please be sure to respond to the survey yourself if you are an editor and share this information with other editors of scientific journals — in any discipline.

The direct link to the EASE survey can be found here:

Background information on EASE and gender policy:

With thanks to Paul Osborn.