The main survey is over now, but please feel free to look at the questions and see how your journal measures up.

We want to find out how science journals select peer reviewers.


Survey link to cut and paste in your browser:

The survey will take 15-25 min to complete in one sitting depending on how much detail you give.

Answers will be treated as confidential. The names of journals or editors will only be known to the survey compiler and will not be linked to individual responses. Reports will only show aggregate data. Permission will be sought for possible case studies of individual journals. Survey data may be disseminated in written reports, opinion articles or conference communications. All participants will receive a copy of the final report if requested.

We understand that gender and sex are complex issues. For this survey focusing on women as an underrepresented majority group, for simplicity we use the terms man or woman to describe the people involved in science peer review. We understand these terms may be inadequate to describe gender or identity and we do not intend to exclude anyone. Please feel free to comment on this at the end of the survey.